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Performance without audience

In July 2021, the performance was held without audience in a truck parked at the beach of Hachijojima island surrounded by nature. The document of the performance is available below.

Date: July 29(THU), 30(FRI), 2021
Site: Kaminato Fishing Port Shore, Yokoma Shore, Fureai Farm
Performers: Yoko Higashino, Yukio Suzuki, Suguru Ishii(Hachijo daiko)
In Cooperation with Hachijo Town, Hachijojima Cultural Association

『Invisible landscapes』


Yoko Higashino
Artistic Director and Curator of DANCE TRUCK TOKYO

Dancer and choreographer for the ANTIBODIES Collective. Yoko has presented her work in the performing arts and music scene since the late 1990s. She directed the Dance Company BABY-Q from 2000 to 2014 and won various prizes such as the grand prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards (Choreographer of the Next Generation Award) in 2005. In 2015 she formed the “ANTIBODIES Collective” in Kyoto, and they gained attention in site-specific works with multi genre artists. She has taken a leadership role in the Japan Dance Truck Association since 2011.
photo by bozzo

Yukio Suzuki

Choreographer and dancer. Suzuki’s dance mesmerizes audiences with a strong physicality that lithely and delicately inhabits the space. He has performed in over forty cities around the world and also engages with diverse projects such as co-productions with models and musicians and workshops for children and disabled dancers. Suzuki has won many prizes, including the Choreographer of the Next Generation Award from the Toyota Choreography Awards of 2008.
photo by bozzo

Suguru Ishii

A member of Hachijo-Daiko Rokunin Kai (Six Members of Hachijo-Daiko Dram). The origin of Hachijo-Daiko dram is the Edo period. Some say that criminals exiled to Hachijojima, the Samurai warrior class confiscated their swords and let off steam beating drums. Ishii is one of the Hachijo-Daiko drummers who inherited that aggressiveness. He travels overseas with his drums and swords (drumsticks) for performance and has jam sessions with dancers of Nihon-buyo (Japanese classical dance).
photo by Hiroshi Makino

Organized by: Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Planning and production: Japan Dance Truck Association
In Cooperation with Hachijo Town
Co-production: Offsite Dance Project
Lighting offered by: Color Kinetics Japan
Vehicle Support: Tamura Transport Corporation
Production Support: Monten

Producer: Matsue Okazaki
Curators: Yoko Higashino, Yukio Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Shirai
Technical Director & Lighting Designer: Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D)
Sound: Toshio Kajiwara
Technical Cordinator & Stage Manager: Ryuji Minemoto
Sound Engineering: Fumihiko Akutsu, Toshiya Komuro
Video Installation: Keisuke Takahashi
Production Manager: Miki Kanai
Art Direction & Design: Hirohisa Ota (golzopocci)
Web Design: Kazuya Kato
Translation: Ritsuko Saito, Mizuho Ikeda
Video documentation Supervised: Hikaru Fujii
Photography: Hiroshi Makino


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