In the past, the Nakagawa River flowed between the Sumida river and the Edo river. The performance will be held at the “River Station” park. The park was built on the site of the former Nakagawa check point, that functioned as a logistic hub in the Edo period.

Date & Time: May 8 (SAT)
18:30-20:30 → 18:00~20:00

※The performance was canceled in response to the state of emergency declaration.

Site: Former Nakagawa River Station

entrance guidance

▶ Admission free (no advance reservation required)
▶ The audience will be standing throughout the performance.
▶ There is no parking lot at each venue, so please use public transportation.
▶ The order of appearance will be announced on the website on the day.
▶ Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather there are possibilities of cancellation.
Please check the website for updates.

Teita Iwabuchi, Crack Iron Albatrossket, Tenniscoats, VONNOS, Maki Morishita, Yuya Yoshizaki×Yu Kuroda〈Co. Yamada Un〉

Lighting Designer: Nami Nakayama
Sound Engineering: WHITELIGHT
Stage Managers: Shinri Takahashi

In Association with Koto City
Production Support from Enjoyable Days at waterside Koto,Tokyo
In Cooperation with Sipping Agent ("Funayado”) Yoshinoya



Address: 9-10-6 Ojima, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5 minutes walk from Higashi-ojima Station.


Teita Iwabuchi

Teita majored in Drama at Tamagawa University, and he has been presenting choreographies that focus on the “structure of the human body” and the “interaction between space, music, and the human body”. His work Hetero, (Co-choreographed with Kaori Seki) won The French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at the Yokohama Dance collection EX 2012. Teita’s unique physical expression method “the matrixed body” is inspired by Butoh, martial arts, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, etc..
photo by bozzo

Crack Iron Albatrossket

Performance group founded by Akito Inui in the spring of 1997. Within a few minutes, the group delivers rapid-fire meaningless/meaningful plays, songs, dances, etc. They transform various sites with the unique color of their psychedelicious performances, like festival idiots gushing out of the sultry Southern Delta.
photo by Yayoi Arimoto


A music group founded in 1996. Its members are Saya (vocal/keyboard) and Takashi Ueno (guitar). They have toured and created albums together with national and international artists such as Tape from Sweden, The Pastels from Scotland, Jad Fair from the U.S., PASTACAS from Estonia.


VONNOS (read: Bonno-zu) is a contemporary dance company formed by Yuuki Kamimura and Kae Kubo in 2014. They perceive dance as Art by Motion and place it at the base of creation. It features a hybrid worldview that develops in combination with space and music. Receive the Encouragement Award at the Yokohama Dance Collection 2020 Competition I.
photo by Yusaku Saito

Maki Morishita

Choreographer and dancer. The roots of her dance style lie in the games she invented to make friends when she was transferred to a new school as a child. She has performed her solo works in more than 10 countries and 30 cities. She expands her field by collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines. Her performance is characterized by its unpredictable chimeric world that has emerged from the unique concept of “Ma (gap, space, pause in Japanese)” and its chaotic involvement with surrounding people and environments.
photo by RYO OHWADA

Yuya Yoshizaki×Yu Kuroda〈Co. Yamada Un〉

Yuya Yoshizaki: Born in Sumida city, Tokyo, he was affiliated with Noism (led by Jo Kanamori) for 6 years since 2012. Since 2019, he has been performing with Co. Yamada Un. Yuya has performed in more than 40 cities in and outside of Japan as a main cast member.
photo by JinItai
Yu Kuroda: Born in Aichi prefecture, he has been with Co. Yamada Un since 2019, He was chosen as a finalist of the Yokohama Dance Competition 2020 II. Yu aims to gain a mix of contemporary movements and original acrobatic movements in his repertoire.
photo by halkuzuya


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