Nakano is famously known as a subculture town. The performance will be held at the town square in front of Nakano City Hall which is always alive with a variety of cultural events.

Date & Time: May 23 (SUN) 18:30-20:30

※The performance was canceled in response to the state of emergency declaration.

Site: Nakano City Office Square

entrance guidance

▶ Admission free (no advance reservation required)
▶ The audience will be standing throughout the performance.
▶ There is no parking lot at each venue, so please use public transportation.
▶ The order of appearance will be announced on the website on the day.
▶ Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather there are possibilities of cancellation.
Please check the website for updates.

UTAUHAHAGOKORO, Kitamari, Yoko Higashino+Yukio Suzuki, Rina Mizumura×Koichiro Tamura, Ryohei Minami, Ayano Yokoyama

Lighting Designer: Nami Nakayama
Sound Engineering: WHITELIGHT
Stage Managers: Shinri Takahashi

In Association with Nakano City



Address: 4-8-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Access: 3 minutes walk from Nakano Station.



A group of actresses who gave birth, became mothers, faced child-rearing problems and social barriers, got together and made a drama based on their experiences. The group performs a chorus drama where mothers sing a “childcare hymn of love” which is about love, sadness, aspirations, and fatigue that leaks out of the mouth during childcare. The drama also takes a form of a presentation of a mothers’ chorus group that crash the self-consciousness of each other. When they have training and performance, they are with their children. The child's crying, running, and climbing, all chaos become performances.


Established the dance company “KIKIKIKIKIKI” in 2003. Kitamari creates dance from anything ―film, traditional arts, and classical music. Recently she started a project to create choreography for all of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies. Song of the Night, the second piece from this project, won the New Artist Award at the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA) National Arts Festival in 2016. She has also engaged in national and international co-creations with artists from other genres, such as Junnosuke Tada and Kinoshita Kabuki.
photo by Hajime Hayashi

Yoko Higashino
Artistic Director and Curator of DANCE TRUCK TOKYO

Dancer and choreographer for the ANTIBODIES Collective. Yoko has presented her work in the performing arts and music scene since the late 1990s. She directed the Dance Company BABY-Q from 2000 to 2014 and won various prizes such as the grand prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards (Choreographer of the Next Generation Award) in 2005. In 2015 she formed the “ANTIBODIES Collective” in Kyoto, and they gained attention in site-specific works with multi genre artists. She has taken a leadership role in the Japan Dance Truck Association since 2011.
photo by bozzo

Yukio Suzuki

Choreographer and dancer. Suzuki’s dance mesmerizes audiences with a strong physicality that lithely and delicately inhabits the space. He has performed in over forty cities around the world and also engages with diverse projects such as co-productions with models and musicians and workshops for children and disabled dancers. Suzuki has won many prizes, including the Choreographer of the Next Generation Award from the Toyota Choreography Awards of 2008.
photo by bozzo

Rina Mizumura

Danced and choreographed for numerous music videos and live shows. In recent years, her video work, in which she acts as a dancer and director, has been evaluated and has garnered attention in Japan.

Koichiro Tamura

Choreographer and dance artist. He hosts the dance company DANCE PJ REVO. Publishing his works not only in Japan but also in various parts of Asia and Europe. He is a Saison Fellow I of the Saison Cultural.

Ryohei Minami

Artist, performer, and musician. He has published installation works that generate a distorted circular waveform, created accidentally by meaningless overlap and chains, quotative humorousness, separation of meaning and the mood of details, using various materials such as paintings, collages, images, lighting, sound, waste materials, and daily commodities. He also works as an improvised performer who uses voice, body, and sound, as well as a dancer for ANTIBODIES Collective.

Ayano Yokoyama

Dancer and choreographer. She was born in Nagano prefecture and is a member of the Tokyo ELECTROCK STAIRS and has performed in their all works since 2009. She launched a female-only dance company lal banshees in 2016. She creates androgynous works with detailed choreography that is connected to sound. She also creates music and scenic designs. Her dance embodies musically and fantastically cuts out ordinary things and brings them back to reality.
photo by Ayako Takamatsu


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