10/26-27 SHIBUYA

An empty lot for a reconstruction of a building on Shibuya-koen dori road. Different performers will appear day-by-day to illuminate the urban space which represents the metabolism of the metropolis.

Date & Time: October 26(SAT), 27(SUN) 18:00-20:00
Site: Shibuya / Vacant Space in Udagawacho(D Parking Shibuya Udagawacho 1st)

entrance guidance

▶ Admission free (no advance reservation required)
▶ The audience will be standing throughout the performance.
▶ There is no parking lot at each venue, so please use public transportation.
▶ The order of appearance will be announced on the web on the day.
▶ Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather there are possibilities of cancellation. Please check the website for updates.

Abe"M"ARIA, Yuya Igarashi, Mikiko Kawamura, Kitamari, She de cusu oh chee!, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Dill, Keiji Haino, Yoko Higashino, MEGANE(co.), Maki Morishita/Morishita STAND, Fuyuki Yamakawa, 6-dim+

Lighting Designers: Ryoya Fudetani
Sound Engineering: WHITELIGHT
Video Installation: Yohei Saito
Art supervision: OLEO
Stage Managers: Kozo Kimura

Location assistance:Daiwa Lease Co., Ltd.
In Cooperation with the Koen-Dori Shopping District Promotion Association of Shibuya

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Address: 3-5 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

5 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.



A unique dancer who dances precipitously like a broken electronic doll. Her dances are mainly improvisational, and her solo performances have been staged since the 1990s. She also participates in various Butoh and contemporary dance projects. Her performance goes beyond the framework of the theater as she brings her agility to areas such as street performance, etc.

Yuya Igarashi

Dance performer. Igarashi struggled as a boy with a serious complex about his obesity. While attending university, he encountered the performing arts and it transformed his complex into a powerful force for expression. He engages in various projects such as Fundoshi Biyori [Loincloth Days] with photographer Takahiro Iino, which became popular on social networks and TV programs like Arabiki Dan, Gyoretsu Ga Dekiru Horitsusodanjo, and ENGEY Grand Slam.
photo by bozzo

Mikiko Kawamura

Choreographer and dancer. Born in 1990, Kawamura has been called the “enfant terrible of the dance scene, who seems to have come from another planet” (Dance New Air 2014/Tatsuro Ishii). She performs not only in theaters, but also outdoors and at live events. She also engages in various creations such as films, music, and lacemaking.
photo by K.Kajiyama


Established the dance company “KIKIKIKIKIKI” in 2003. Kitamari creates dance from anything ―film, traditional arts, and classical music. Recently she started a project to create choreography for all of Gustav Mahler’s symphonies. Song of the Night, the second piece from this project, won the New Artist Award at the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA) National Arts Festival in 2016. She has also engaged in national and international co-creations with artists from other genres, such as Junnosuke Tada and Kinoshita Kabuki.
photo by Hajime Hayashi

She de cusu oh chee! ~Oh chee is always beside you~

An idol unit in stuffed animal suits, made up of dancer/choreographer Yuka Kobayashi and various artists. They emerge in diverse forms at different sites all over the country, and their dance, performances, movies and lovableness surprise people everywhere by disseminating their interwoven world of charming “love, horror, and hospitality.” Visual artist Taisuke Abe designs their costumes.

Tsuyoshi Shirai

Choreographer and dancer. Shirai founded the company “Study of Life works BANETO” in 1998, and “AbsT” in 2006. He won a number of national and international prizes such as the Prix d'Auteur de Conceil General de al Seine-Saint-Denis in 2000. He is renowned for his unique physicality as he interacts with diverse objects. His style, which stimulates audiences’ intellectuality and sensitivity, opens up opportunities for collaborations and workshops with other genres such as music, visual arts and literature.
photo by Hatori Naoshi


A solo project by the composer Yuji Inoue that debuted on the album WYHIWYG (FLYREC). Inoue has also released Dance Music (WEATHER/HEADZ) and OPERA (EWE). He has composed for over forty works of contemporary dance and Butoh. He also provides music for a wide variety of projects such as fashion shows, animation films, and art galleries.
photo by bozzo

Keiji Haino

Represents the vanguard of Japanese music. Haino formed the rock band “Fushitsusha” in 1978. In addition to his solo and band projects, he also engages in various international projects in the form of sessions and collaborations with other genres. He explores his original music through his heightened physicality and unique performing technique with guitar, percussion, hurdy gurdy, orchestral musical instruments, folk instruments, DJ equipment etc.
photo by Kazuyuki Funaki

Yoko Higashino

Dancer and choreographer for the ANTIBODIES Collective. Higashino has presented her work in the performing arts and music scene since the late 1990s. She directed the Dance Company BABY-Q from 2000 to 2014 and won various prizes such as the grand prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards (Choreographer of the Next Generation Award) in 2005. In 2015 she formed the “ANTIBODIES Collective” in Kyoto, and they gained attention in site-specific works with multi genre artists. She has taken a leadership role in the Japan Dance Truck Association since 2011.
photo by bozzo


MEGANE, the electric pole dancer, leads this musical performance unit developed under “AEROBIX.” As they stage their dances and skits, they transform themselves depending on the mode of the times. The group consists of a diverse range individuals such as artists, filmmakers, actresses, DJs, musicians, wannabe musicians, weekend painters, former kuro-gyaru job-hoppers, royalty, etc. The group gave its first performance at PANTY Yose in 2014.

Maki Morishita / Morishita STAND

Choreographer and dancer. The roots of her dance are the plays she invented to make friends when transferred to a new school as a child. She has performed her solo works in more than ten countries and thirty cities. She expands her field by collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines. In 2015, she founded her company “Morishita STAND” with unique dancers whose average age is twenty five.
photo by bozzo

Fuyuki Yamakawa

Overtone (Khoomei) singer, contemporary artist. He uses his own voice and body as a medium that appeals to sight, sound, and touch. His expression goes beyond the borderlines between music, contemporary art, and performance art. He excels in performances which enhance his body with sounds and lights through technology. He has performed in fifteen countries.


Under the motto of “laughing together in this moment,” 6-dim+ stages improvisational plays and comedies which creates a sense of here and now, where the audience can enjoy, sympathize, experience, and laugh hard together with them. 6-dim+ tours around Japan and performs not just in theaters, but also in cafes, shrines, and schools. Their performances instantly transform these mundane places into places of comedy overflowing with laughter.
photo by Junichi Takahashi


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