Performances will be held in the park established on an old filter plat site in 1968 with skyscrapers of Shinjuku subcenter behind.

Date & Time: September 5(THU) 18:30-20:30
Site: Shinjuku Chuo Park / Water Plaza

entrance guidance

▶ Admission free (no advance reservation required)
▶ The audience will be standing throughout the performance.
▶ There is no parking lot at each venue, so please use public transportation.
▶ The order of appearance will be announced on the web on the day.
▶ Rain or shine. In the case of stormy weather there are possibilities of cancellation. Please check the website for updates.

ANTIBODIES Collective, Mikiko Kawamura, Tsuyoshi Shirai/Yugo Morikawa(Polygon Head), NEWCOMER‘H’SOKERISSA!, Yukio Suzuki, ZVIZMO (Atsuhiro Ito x TENTENKO)

Lighting Designer: Takayuki Fujimoto
Sound Engineering: WHITELIGHT
Video Installation: Yohei Saito
Art supervision: OLEO
Stage Managers: Kozo Kimura

Credit: In Cooperation with Shinjuku City, Shinjuku Chuo Park Park Up Consortium (venture group), and The Shinjuku Subcenter Area Environmental Improvement Commission



Address: 2-11 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

1 minute walk from Tochomae Station.
10 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station.
About 5 minutes walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Station.



A collective of specialists who develop forms of collaborations beyond various disciplines and boundaries. They explore “new relationships between art and life; memory and history; the individual and society.” The collective stages their performances and holds workshops in and outside of Japan.

Mikiko Kawamura

Choreographer and dancer. Born in 1990, Kawamura has been called the “enfant terrible of the dance scene, who seems to have come from another planet” (Dance New Air 2014/Tatsuro Ishii). She performs not only in theaters, but also outdoors and at live events. She also engages in various creations such as films, music, and lacemaking.
photo by K.Kajiyama

Tsuyoshi Shirai

Choreographer and dancer. Shirai founded the company “Study of Life works BANETO” in 1998, and “AbsT” in 2006. He won a number of national and international prizes such as the Prix d'Auteur de Conceil General de al Seine-Saint-Denis in 2000. He is renowned for his unique physicality as he interacts with diverse objects. His style, which stimulates audiences’ intellectuality and sensitivity, opens up opportunities for collaborations and workshops with other genres such as music, visual arts and literature.
photo by Hatori Naoshi

Yugo Morikawa (Polygon Head)

Guitarist, vocalist, and composer. Morikawa is the founder of the strange guitar pop band “Polygon Head.” Since he was thirteen years old, he has played guitar and committed himself to various composers with exhilarating styles, such as Frank Zappa. He taught himself composition and is now active inside and outside of Japan, singing along with his artful guitar work.
photo by Ebisuke


Dance group. Yuki Aoki, choreographer, started this project in 2005. It recruits participants with experience living on the street to explore “the body that confronts living every day”. The group toured Hibi Koya [Everyday Wasteland] through 13 sites in and surrounding Tokyo from 2017 to 2018. They also participated in Uma So Voz [With one voice], which was performed as part of the Cultural Olympiad Rio 2016. They won the top prize at Konica Minolta Social Design Award 2016.
photo by Takafumi Sakanaka

Yukio Suzuki

Curator of DANCE TRUCK TOKYO Choreographer and dancer. Suzuki’s dance mesmerizes audiences with a strong physicality that lithely and delicately inhabits the space. He has performed in over forty cities around the world and also engages with diverse projects such as co-productions with models and musicians and workshops for children and disabled dancers. Suzuki has won many prizes, including the Choreographer of the Next Generation Award from the Toyota Choreography Awards of 2008.
photo by bozzo

ZVIZMO (Atsuhiro Ito x TENTENKO)

Music duo. Atsuhiro Ito, plays the fluorescent light musical instrument OPTRON, and Tentenko, who performs in both underground and major music scenes. Tentenko’s easy listening but heavy electro beat, and Ito’s avant-electropop/strange technoise produced by his freaky but catchy OPTRON are filled with “odd but somehow friendly” sounds.


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