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Performance without audience

The archive of the Takanawa performance recorded without audience is available as a short movie from the link below. The performance was staged at the site for the Takanawa Gateway Fest held at the new Takanawa Gateway station in 2020.

Date: September 8 (TUE) , 2020
Site: Special site in front of Takanawa Gateway Station
Performers: Aokid, NEWCOMER‘H’SOKERISSA!, Masako Yasumoto + Norihito Ishii, Yoko Higashino, MEGANE(co.), Yukio Suzuki
Video documentation Supervision: Hikaru Fujii
Special Collaboration: East Japan Railway Company



Was born in Tokyo. His performances are rooted in breakdance, but his projects are not limited within dance but also include diverse expressions such as performance art, drawing, event planning and so on. He won the Jury Prize at the Yokohama Dance Competition 1 in 2016. He has been developing his AokidCity project since 2012 and Dobutsuen [Zoo] since 2016.
photo by Shinichiro Ishihara


Dance group. Yuki Aoki, choreographer, started this project in 2005. It recruits participants with experience living on the street to explore “the body that confronts living every day”. The group toured Hibi Koya [Everyday Wasteland] through 13 sites in and surrounding Tokyo from 2017 to 2018. They also participated in Uma So Voz [With one voice], which was performed as part of the Cultural Olympiad Rio 2016. They won the top prize at Konica Minolta Social Design Award 2016.
photo by Takafumi Sakanaka

Masako Yasumoto

Dancer and choreographer. She was born in Tokyo. Without any trainer from childhood, she started working as a backup dancer at the age of 24, then started creating her works. After that, she choreographed plays, videos, and advertisements. She also gave birth to children and moved to Fukuoka and Kyoto. When she reached 47 years old she wondered what to do in the future. In February 2020, she presented her new work Zenjidou bonnou zuizui zu.
photo by Narihiro Matusmoto

Norihito Ishii

Director, choreographer, and Japanese butoh dancer. In 2013 and 2015, Norihito won second place at the Seoul International Choreography Festival. Since 2010, he has been with Sankaijuku, a dance company that has performed in over 700 cities in 45 countries. Norihito seeks to increase the awareness of Butoh and to expand its field through various interdisciplinary collaborations including the collaboration with international culture magazines as a model, the Forum of Lattice Defects, the Tactileology Association JAPAN, Kinbaku (Japanese Rope Bondage) and so on.
photo by Makiko Kumagai

Yoko Higashino
Artistic Director and Curator of DANCE TRUCK TOKYO

Dancer and choreographer for the ANTIBODIES Collective. Yoko has presented her work in the performing arts and music scene since the late 1990s. She directed the Dance Company BABY-Q from 2000 to 2014 and won various prizes such as the grand prize of the Toyota Choreography Awards (Choreographer of the Next Generation Award) in 2005. In 2015 she formed the “ANTIBODIES Collective” in Kyoto, and they gained attention in site-specific works with multi genre artists. She has taken a leadership role in the Japan Dance Truck Association since 2011.
photo by bozzo


MEGANE, the electric pole dancer, leads this musical performance unit developed under “AEROBIX.” As they stage their dances and skits, they transform themselves depending on the mode of the times. The group consists of a diverse range individuals such as artists, filmmakers, actresses, DJs, musicians, wannabe musicians, weekend painters, former kuro-gyaru job-hoppers, royalty, etc. The group gave its first performance at PANTY Yose in 2014.
Instagram: @smile_hope_hope_megane_za

Yukio Suzuki

Choreographer and dancer. Suzuki’s dance mesmerizes audiences with a strong physicality that lithely and delicately inhabits the space. He has performed in over forty cities around the world and also engages with diverse projects such as co-productions with models and musicians and workshops for children and disabled dancers. Suzuki has won many prizes, including the Choreographer of the Next Generation Award from the Toyota Choreography Awards of 2008.
photo by bozzo

Organized by: Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Planning and production: Japan Dance Truck Association
Co-production: Offsite Dance Project
Lighting offered by: Color Kinetics Japan
Technical Support: Panasonic Corporation
Stage Support: Stage Work URAK
Vehicle Support: Corporation Asao Lease
Production Support: Monten, Tachikawa Culture Factory

Producer: Matsue Okazaki
Curators: Yoko Higashino, Yukio Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Shirai
Technical Director & Lighting Designer: Takayuki Fujimoto (Kinsei R&D)
Stage Manager: Tetsujirou Kawachi
Stage Manager Assistant: Shinri Takahashi
Sound Engineering:WHITELIGHT
Video Installation: Yohei Saito
Production Manager: Miki Kanai
Production Assistant: Haruka Akagi
PR: Ayako Tomokawa(office ayatsumugi)
Art Direction & Design: Hirohisa Ota (golzopocci)
Web Design: Kazuya Kato
Translation: Ritsuko Saito, Mizuho Ikeda
Video documentation Supervised: Hikaru Fujii
Photography: bozzo


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